Eyeliner tattoo techniques

Modern women have such a high pace of life that they do not always have time to look after themselves and perform daily duties. However, each representative of the fair sex wants to be beautiful always, regardless of the situation and time of day. And in this case, the main helper is makeup. If there is not enough time for it, you can use such a procedure as tattooing. For some people today, it is the only way to look stylish, bright and natural everywhere consistently.

Eyeliner Tattoo

Eyelid tattooing techniques

Cosmetics work wonders, but you must use them constantly; not every product has a high resistance and typically tolerates a day in the office. The tattooing procedure allows you to always be in the parade - morning and evening, at home and work, in the bath, pool, and beach. Tattooing arrows is trendy and in demand among girls and women of different ages. The beauty of permanent makeup is natural and natural, but in many ways, it depends on the level of professionalism of the master. Choose a specialist for your business - you will become the owner of beautiful arrows with and without a spread, graceful inner lash contour, and confidence in your irresistibility in any situation.

Which eyeliner technique to choose?

There are different eyelid tattoo techniques. Depending on what effect you want to achieve, you can distinguish the following:

Eyeliner tattoo

What can be done with the technique?

▶️ to visually change the size and shape of the eyes;
▶️ to lift the outer corner of the eyelid;
▶️ Make the round eye more almond-shaped; pull it out;
▶️ Make the eyes brighter and more expressive.

The technique is suitable for:

▶️ Girls and women of any age;
▶️ for all those who use pencil and shadows;
▶️ for those who prefer natural daytime makeup.

Tattooing in this technique looks spectacular on heavy eyelids and aged skin, where it isn't easy to make smooth, unambiguous arrows. It looks beautiful on open eyelids, with pale eyelashes,

Nuances of the technique:

In this technique, a stretch of colour is made, and the blended arrows smoothly pass into "shadows". Any combination of shades can be used; it all depends on the courage and imagination of the client. Usually, not bright colours close to the colour of the skin and iris are used.

Interlash line

An eyeliner tattoo is an efficient technique; over the pigment, you can apply shadows and colour with eyeliner and get tremendous nude makeup, even with tattooing. It is popular with girls with almond-shaped eyes who want to make them look more languid and bright.

What can be done with the technique?

▶️ Create the effect of thicker, denser and darker eyelashes;
▶️ to make the eyes expressive;
▶️ to get the effect of languid eyes;

Tattoo Eyeliner

The technique is suitable:

Anyone and everyone! It is not visible that it is tattooing, even done by men.
With light eyelashes, this technique allows you to achieve the result of expressive eyes.

Nuances of the technique:

The entire intercostal row is painted, and the line is drawn clearly along the growth of eyelashes and depends on the shape of the eyes. This technique is ideal if there is no desire to look painted every morning, But it would be best to decide what you want to see. If the master fills the inner lash space to the last lash, bringing out the arrow's tip will be problematic if you suddenly decide on it.

Classic arrow

A classic variant of permanent eye makeup. Ideal for those who regularly draw unambiguous arrows for themselves.

What can be done with the technique?

▶️ to lift the corners of the eyes;
▶️ Make the eyes more expressive.

The technique is suitable for:

▶️ those who draw arrows every morning for a long time;
▶️ Owners of open eyelids without folds so the hand does not look broken.

The experience of the master to do the job:

The choice is limited only by the imagination of the client and the professionalism of the master. It is possible to make a thin and graceful arrow or more prominent, with a bold tail and without pencil or transparent, as if drawn with shadows.

Nuances of technique:

Depending on the eyelid, the master chooses the arrow's length, width and curve. The eyeliner tattoo is a technique that allows you not to spend time drawing arrows daily in the morning and removing them in the evening, which enables you not to traumatise the delicate skin of the eyelid. A classic hand keeps longer than other types of tattooing because this area is not subject to mechanical cosmetology procedures (peels, scrubs, etc.).